are anti-tank rifles lawful to own

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50 cal anti-tank gun - YouTube
Apr 8, 2007 . Shooting a 50 cal behind my house at my neighbor's.

PTRS Antitank Rifle
Does anyone know or have an idea of where I can find a PTRS 14.5mm Antitank Rifle for sale? Is it even legal to own in the US? Any clues to .

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6 Things You Won't Believe Are More Legal Than Marijuana ...
Sep 16, 2010 . Well, aside from the fact that you can buy giant deadly regular rifles for . gun"), Aimo Lahti was told to build an anti-tank machinegun, Lahti .

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We can't believe that this things are legal
Like flamethrowers, tannerite actually has quite a few legal uses, including . holocaust or make your own anti-tank rifle, the Ragnar Benson collection is for you.

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Modern Firearms - Anti-tank rifles
The anti-tank rifle was born during the late stages of the Great War (WW1), when German troops faced the newest British invention, the tank. This armored .

File:MWP DS7 92.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Description, made during a summer day in Warsaw's Museum of the Polish Army; DS 7.92 anti-tank rifle ammunition - a single . Own work, made by Halibutt .

Licensing Requirements

Rifle grenade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
5 Legal issues; 6 See also; 7 References; 8 External links. [edit] Advantages and disadvantages. Inert blue ENERGA anti-tank rifle grenade and Mills Bomb.

Legal Theory of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
There is considerable confusion about the legal theory underlying the "right to keep . smoke, tear gas, incendiary rounds, and anti-tank weapons, but not heavy artillery, . Citizens have a right to keep and bear arms -- on their own property or .

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BATF and The Graying of the Law
Jun 19, 2000 . Prior to 1968, it was perfectly legal to own bazookas, anti-tank weapons, and even tanks with their cannon installed in these United States.

ATF Online - Contact - Frequently Asked Questions
(I am a felon but want to own a firearm, how do I get my privilege restored?) . short-barreled rifles and shotguns; molotov cocktails, anti-tank guns (over caliber .


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