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Addiction: An Occupational Hazard in Nursing
Nurses are especially vulnerable to addiction to prescription drugs because of work-related stress and easy access to drugs.3 Work-related factors that might be .

You are Not Alone
I was elected president of my nursing class and held that position until . They insisted that putting an acutely addicted nurse back into the “narcotic box” has the .

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Nurses and Substance Abuse |
What can I do as a nurse if I suspect a co-worker is addicted to drugs or alcohol? The worse you can do is nothing. Approaching the nurse directly will likely meet .

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Memoirs of a Recovering Drug Addicted Nurse -
He told me that he feels she is very addicted to drugs and that she is in rough shape. He said if I were you I would report her to the nursing board. I am not sure .

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Narcotic Use and Diversion in Nursing
Narcotic use and diversion among nurses is a growing problem. . 105) as a state of psychological and or physical addiction to a chemical substance or .

Drug addiction among nurses: Confronting a quiet epidemic - Many ...
Apr 1, 2009 . Nurses with untreated addiction can jeopardize patient safety because of impaired judgment, slower reaction time, diverting drugs from patients .

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Addicted Nurses Face Special Recovery Issues - NurseZone
“The lifetime prevalence for drug abuse or addiction is 6 to 7 percent.” Nurses do differ from the rest of the population, though in that “the kinds of drugs they use .

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Few nurses are 100% 'Jackie' - Los Angeles Times
Jun 29, 2009 . Wouldn't a nurse who is addicted to narcotics lose her license to practice? Is it common for this drug to be added to sweetener? Is it likely that a .

Addict in nurse's scrubs: Drugs 'take over' |
Nov 13, 2011 . Jim Kaju had been fired from his job at the University of Minnesota's hospital, but he wasn't going to let that stop his addiction.


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