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Garland Truffles - Truffle Cultivation - About Us
Franklin and Betty Garland are the owners and operators of Garland Truffles. In business since 1979, they pioneered truffle growing in the Western Hemisphere .

Finding Truffles
Oct 7, 1996 . Truffles are difficult to find and very expensive as a result! In 1994, black truffles sold for $350 to $500 a pound. In the United States, edible .

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Frequently Asked Truffle Questions
In the United States, we have not advanced to the point of using trained animals to help find truffles. This is unfortunate not only from an efficiency standpoint, but .

Article "Raising American Truffles" by Larry Korn - Mu Landscaping ...
Nearly everyone has heard of truffles—the flavorful, underground fungi popular . But now truffle species have been found in several parts of the United States.

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Truffles, Oregon Truffles, Oregon Black Truffle, Oregon White Truffle
The French consider Oregon truffles as "non-truffle truffles" or "false truffles," but chefs across the United States consider them every bit as delicious and exotic as .

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The truffles are coming - Agriculture -
Feb 16, 2008 . The climate of the Carolinas is, Garland says, well suited to truffles; he calls it the Mediterranean of the United States. His method for growing .

Fungus Amongus - Feature - Food News - CHOW
Dec 5, 2006 . But missing, or at least invisible, in my experience of many samples of the " Summer truffles" (T. aestivum) that invaded the US in recent years, .

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XOX Truffles - North Beach/Telegraph Hill - San Francisco, CA
Several food magazines have ranked these truffles in the top 10 in the US and it's obvious why. Handmade and fresh! An organic coffee includes a free truffle .

New World Truffieres-Truffle Cultivation
Truffles are among the world's preeminent culinary delicacies. Revered for millennia, only their price has kept pace with their fame. Retail prices in the U.S. for .

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Truffles: '60 Minutes' Looks At The Most Expensive Food In The ...
Jan 9, 2012 . Chinese truffles are available in the U.S., often for drastically lower prices -- there is no law in America requiring a location distinction. As show .

Piedmont Valley Truffles ::
Piedmont Valley Truffles was formed in 2002 to propagate truffle development in the United States and further educate consumers, chefs and growers.


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