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Quick Start Guide for Beginner Digital Astrophotography
Unfortunately, the noise, or grain, gets worse at the higher ISOs, but we won't worry about that for now. . If the camera doesn't have a manual exposure setting, set it to night mode. Focus . This will usually make the sky a brown/red color.

Low Light Photography
You can achieve fabulous effects when taking photographs at night or in other . During long exposures have a friend (or yourself, using your self timer) move . Digital photography has made this process even more creative and intuitive. . sort of like grain/spots on film cameras) or color (shadow areas deteriorate into red, .

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Exposing the RED: Perfect Exposure, Every Time : RED Camera
Lighting and Exposure for the RED Camera . Everything with RED is film centric, so it was easy for us to bridge to digital. We were . Unlike film, it is grain less.

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Photography Grain - Remove Photography Grain or Noise in Adobe ...
Do you have digital pictures that would be perfect except for a bit of distortion, photography grain, . Learn how to remove unwanted grain in Adobe Photoshop. . CLICK Per Channel Tab adjusting strength of each channel red, green or blue .

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16mm to HD Shooting Guide
Many issues such as excessive film grain are consequences of choices that . from low-light night street scenes to broad daylight, and, if exposed properly, it can work. . RGB, however, uses a Red/Green/Blue color space where each of these . planning on digital film intermediates, CGI graphics or other extensive digital .

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Film vs digital in the history of digital photography
History of Digital · Nude Photography · Find it Fast! Exposure Tips · Night Photography · Terminology Making Money Photography Business · Wedding Checklist .

Digital versus film photography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Digital versus film photography has been a topic of debate since the . most severely on the blue component and least severely on the red component. . Film grain is not affected by exposure time, although the apparent speed of the film . light situations at night or indoors, and are more useful for ultra-fast photography.

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How to Choose the Right ISO for your Digital Photography
As a result the pixels in the picture are small also and the grain is unable to be seen. . When starting for the day I now always check the ISO, and the exposure . The following night I returned and shot the entire parade at ASA 3200 and found the . red Says: August 12th, 2008 at 6:46 am. I have had too many times that I .


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