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2.4.3 Nested Groups
The administrator in each domain creates global groups and adds user accounts that . adds the appropriate global groups from each domain to this domain local group. . Microsoft Windows® 2000 operating system, Windows Server® 2003 .

How to Nest Users and Groups for Permissions - Windows Security
May 18, 2006 . Windows Security logo . Users go into Global Groups, Global Groups go into Domain Local Groups, and Domain Local Groups are listed on .

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Auditing Users and Groups with the Windows Security Log
Sep 2, 2004 . With Windows Server 2003, Microsoft added a bunch of new fields to the . Groups also have 1 or 3 scopes: Universal, Global and Local.

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Domain Local, Global, Or Universal? - ProProfs Forums
May 29, 2007 . Why should global groups be placed in domain local groups? . Windows 2000 Native or Windows 2003 DFL can contain: Domain Local .

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Universal groups, global groups, domain local groups « Sandesh ...
Oct 23, 2011 . AD Group types: universal groups, global groups, domain local groups . in a windows 2000 native or windows server 2003 domain functional .

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Networking Basics: Part 15 - Universal Groups & Group Nesting
Jan 15, 2008 . I then went on to explain that Windows Server 2003 supports a few different . a lot about local groups, domain local groups, and global groups.

Networking Basics: Part 14 - Security Groups - Windows Networking
Nov 20, 2007 . The various types of security groups that Windows allows you to create. . article, I showed you how to create security groups in Windows Server 2003. . users, domain local groups, global groups, and universal groups.

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Adding a global user to the local Administrator's Group ...
Jul 24, 2003 . The old Google Groups will be going away soon. Switch to . The Active directory server is Windows 2003. . Local: Mon, Jul 28 2003 9:55 am .


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