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Rethinking the Concept of Income in Tax Law and Policy David G ...
countries, tax scholars routinely refer to the Haig-Simons definition as the . 91. Other than this conclusion, his brief comments on the question are limited to the .

Death by Wealth Tax | Hoover Institution
2 days ago . But no tax law anywhere uses Haig-Simons to define the tax base. . of what the estate tax looks like, try a brief visit to the IRS website or take a .

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QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION (Due: Jan 13) You should formulate brief answers and . Reviewed IIT within context of Haig-Simons comprehensive tax base.

TPC Tax Topics | Capital Gains Taxation
Under a pure net accretion (Haig-Simons) approach to income taxes, real capital gains would be taxed each year as they accrue and real capital losses would .

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Dorf on Law: Fairness, Exceptions, and Exceptional Unfairness
Apr 6, 2012 . The justification behind the Zuckerberg tax is the Haig-Simons approach to income. Under that approach, any increase in the value of assets .

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Tax Freedom Day: A Description of Its Calculation and Answers to ...
brief methodology describes how the two components (taxes and the nation's . of the burden as measured by a reduction in wealth (i.e. Haig-Simons income) .

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Revenue Cost and Incentive Effects of Tax Expenditures for Owner ...
brief overview of similar issues relating to the deduction for state and local property . Under the Haig-Simons tax system, homeowners would be taxed on rental .

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The Meaning of “Gross Income”
As explained in Chapter 2, the starting point for the determination of “tax- able income” . The Haig–Simons definition is of greater utility in more complex cases. 1 . Dissents: Justice Holmes, joined by Justice Day, reasoned in a brief dissent .

ATPI Abstract.Chapter 6 _Bankman_.wpd - American Tax Policy ...
“pure” “Haig-Simons” income tax, the treatment of business expenditures is clear: . brief and in oral argument, the government made what might be referred to .


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