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Alaska Shore Fishing

Cook Hammer Company
The finest quality brass hammer available. Special . 100% pure copper offers a cushioned blow while maintaining a long head life. . Handle Head Face Dia.

10lb Brass long reach sledge hammer / shaftgard / fiberglass handle ...
10lb Brass long reach sledge hammer / shaftgard / fiberglass handle . Applications: Heavy duty, non marring, long reaching metal moving hammer / MRO .

Fish Species

Solid brass machined heads pinned securely to tough, white hickory handles. SPECS: 9Ό" (23.5cm) handle. 4 oz. . Long Brass Hammer; Mfr. Part: BH8L. 5.0 .

Where to Fish Commando Miniature Ball Peen (Ball Pein) Hammer ...
. Miniature Ball Peen (Ball Pein) Hammer with Precision Machined 2 Ounce Brass Head and Solid Aluminum Handle: Home Improvement. . with 7/16" hex x 7-7/8" long handle; Solid brass head precision machined to exact head weight .

Fishing Methods - Hammers & Mallets
Beautifly finished hammer heads & hickory handles. BRASS HAMMER - 8 Ounce (1/2 Lb.) . of these long handled ball peens you will reward yourself with .

Brass Tip Mold Tools - Brass Hammers - Sprue Puller
STEEL HANDLE - REPLACEABLE BRASS TIPS. • To remove . SOLID BRASS HAMMER KIT. CONTENTS: . #6 X 1-1/2” LONG (Small) . . . .15 ea. #10 X 2-1/2” .

Licensing Requirements

Martin Tool and Forge
Custom Commercial Forging. • Eye Bolts. • Hammers. • Handles & Cranks . Pick ) Setting Paneing Hammer Sledge Hammer Brass Hammers Dead Blow Hammers Brick . Long handle and special contours for working up inside cramped fins.

Woodward Fab Metal Fabrication Tools - Hammers
Ball Peen Hammers - Fiberglass handles . Brass Hammers - Fiberglass handles . Pick Hammer, Long-reach, thin point for low spot on low- crown panels.

Safety Tips

Hammers - Ferree's Tools, Inc.
The F5B Extra Large Rawhide Mallet really packs a wallop. . 12” (305mm) long handle. . The hardness is between a brass hammer and a rawhide hammer.

Track of the Wolf - Brass Hammer, 8 ounce, 9-1/2" hickory handle
Brass Hammer, 8 ounce, 9-1/2" hickory handle Our hammer has an 8 ounce brass head measuirng 1" in diameter and 2-1/8" long. Includes a 9-1/2" long hickory .


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